Young People

Hi. You may be looking at this site because someone close to you has died.  


You may be feeling a rollercoaster of different emotions – anger, sadness, guilt, relief, shock.  This is normal and can be very hard to deal with especially if you cannot find the support you need.


Sometimes you feel you have to protect your family from the strong feelings you are experiencing because they are also struggling.  This can be very lonely and make it much harder to cope.  We are here to listen.  We have spoken to a lot of young people coping with a bereavement.  You may not know anyone else in your situation but we do.


What we can offer

It helped me open up about what’s happened

Give us a call and see if you think we might be able to be useful to you.


Our service is free and confidential.


You can also visit our Resources page for further websites that might be useful.


For information on what grief is, other young people's stories about grief, and more visit

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