Events and Fundraising

Wiltshire Treehouse is a small independent charity. We have no government support.  To run throughout Swindon in Wiltshire we will need to raise over £30,000 every year.  We offer a free service to our families. 

Therefore, we need a helping hand.

Bereavement touches us all regardless of colour, creed, gender or age. For some of us that loss is hard to recover from.

Help us make the grieving journey easier and prevent some of the problems that can affect people later in life.

A parent of children under 18 dies every 22 minutes in the UK. 92% of children will experience the death of someone important to them before they are 16.      Every year 2000 children and young people die between the ages of 1-19 due to illness or accident.

Businesses and organisations

We welcome support from businesses both in money and in kind in terms of skills and time from employees.  Please get in touch and we can see what arrangement would suit you best.

How can your business help our charity?

Below are a few suggestions:

  • By publishing our work with your staff and your client or customer base.
  • By running events large or small to fundraise.
  • By committing to ongoing financial support either online through our links or monthly subscriptions.
  • By offering community hours from your staff to support our work as Trustees'.
  • By offering gifts in kind such as printing, merchandise venues or events to promote our work.


Could you have a cake stall at a school event or organise a non-uniform day in aid of Wiltshire Treehouse?  Tell us your ideas. We know you have lots of brilliant ideas out there.  Please get in touch and tell us what they are and we will do what we can to help.

Families and Individuals

Have you ever wanted to run a marathon or do a parachute jump or shave off all your hair?

Could you organise a tea party or a concert or a dance as a fundraiser or would you like to help if someone else was organising one?  Do get in touch.  We are happy to help with tips and ideas.

help us get through it.


Any idea big or small is welcome not only because of the money it raises but because it helps spread the word and reaches more people who need our help or who have time and skills they can offer us as volunteers.


For our fundraising news and events visit

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